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July 2017 AH/Mini Event

From Deborah King, AH/Mini Marque Leader


A Tourist in Hot Springs

Ken and I have lived in Arkansas 4 1/2 years, and we're still playing tourist! The July drive for the MINI/Austin Healey Marque will be a short trip down Highway 5 to Hot Springs, and a fun drive in the middle of our nation's first National Park!


When: Sunday, July 23, at 10:00 AM (leave at 10:30 am)

Where: Meet at Riverside Grocery and Catering, 4444 Hwy 5, Benton 72019. This used to be a Citgo station (no gasoline brand sign now) and is at the intersection of Hwy 5 and Mulberry-Salem Rd., about 3 miles west of the I-30/Hwy 5 intersection. (If you cross AR 298, you've gone just a little too far.)


We will run down Hwy 5 toward Hot Springs (much of it freshly paved!).  This road turns into Hwy 7/Park Avenue.  If they prefer, Hot Springs drivers can join us at the parking lot immediately east of the Hwy 7S branch that goes through Gulpha Gorge, in Desoto Park (where the tank is).


We'll have a very pleasant and twisty drive, then break for an air-conditioned lunch. Additional touristy activities at your leisure!  Approximately 45 miles total from Riverside.

August 2017 Empire Event

Brits in the Ozarks

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